TSA jobs San Diego

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is committed to keeping both U.S. citizens and those who visit us safe and secure as they travel throughout the country. TSA employees are committed Federal Employees who are highly skilled and trained. TSA is currently looking for dedicated individuals to join the TSA team and to help accomplish the TSA mission. If you’re interested in the stability of a government job, ensuring national security, competitive pay and benefits, and career growth opportunities than look no further; view our current selection of available TSA jobs.

San Diego’s international airport is one of the 450 airports across the U.S. and it’s territories that provide airport security. As an airport security professional, you can work behind the scenes, with travelers, or with one of our security partners in a variety of positions. If you would like to work for the TSA but not in airport securities then check out the other positions available in Law Enforcement and Management. Whether behind the scenes or visible to all, every TSA employee is an integral part of the TSA community.

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